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The top 5 food items we keep in our van! #vegan

1. Coffee - This is probably #1 for most folks who live in vans, regular homes, igloos, even Mars.

2. Tortillas- We're almost embarrassed to admit how many tortillas we consume, but they are just so dang easy and tasty! We're completely convinced any meal can be made into a handheld, scrumdiddilyumptious, mouthwatering taco.

3. Bell Peppers- We eat them raw, we eat them cooked, they roll around in the back of the van for days and still taste fresh picked.

4. Hot sauce- Hot sauce is one of those nifty foods you don't have to refrigerate (check label first just in case), so that means more room in the cooler. Plus if Charlie's eyes are not watering then the food he is eating is just not worthy of being food.

5. Coleslaw- We literally sprinkle and stuff every meal with coleslaw. It's pre-cut, doesn't wilt easy and can add a boost of nutrition to any meal. Even pizza is health food if you add coleslaw, right? Fun fact is it comes from the Dutch wor kool sla meaning cabbage salad.

After creating this list we're thinking it might be a good idea to list our top meals we cook. What do you guys think?

Watch this week's video here:

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