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Stonerose Fossil Dig (RARE FINDS!)

Before leaving on our vanlife adventure we had done a fossil dig in Republic, Wa with Charlie's mom. The site is small and we hadn't expected much, but ended up finding some incredible specimens. We hope you enjoy all the photos!

The Stonerose Interpretive center & Eocene Fossil Site is a 48 million year old lake bed, so finding fish happens on occasion. Mostly you'll find plant life though. Charlie broke through the odds that day and found the two best finds. He found a fish which was so exciting, but then he found a fossil they almost didn't let him keep because it was so rare. Good thing he had split the rock just right to make two identical pieces so everyone was happy. We saved the photo of this specimen for our Patreon members, but it we won't leave you guys totally hanging. It was a fossilized bird feather. A very tiny feather at that! Here is the link if you're interested in joining the insider fun:

Watch this week's adventure video here:

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1 Comment

Jan 27, 2022

Did rain, wind, the Colorado river or the ice age cut the sandstone?

Also, is it possible to have a map overlay showing the approximate location of where your video takes place be added to the beginning of the adventure? I find that I leave the show to search the Internet to locate where you are. Just wondering. Thanks!

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