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Rockhounding for beginners

If you're new to rocks like we still feel like we are then this is a fun way to find something cool out on the gravel bar. Simply just look for rocks with pictures on them. Maybe it's a crazy design or an elaborate scene of mountains and lakes. Use your imagination. There are worlds inside of rocks that anyone can spot and appreciate.

Recently we just found all this picture rock and more in just an hour walking the river. This is picture jasper, but there's many other types of rocks that have bands, dots, colors and what-not. It's seriously fun to go out just to find the coolest looking rock. You don't have to know what they are, you just have to know it made your heart leap finding it.

Charlie's little sister, Beth (the artist behind our logo), collects rocks shaped like slugs. It's the cutest thing and now I see them everywhere. Personally, I'm a sucker for the heart-shaped ones, but there's so many shapes to be found out there. The point is to not be afraid of what you don't know. Just get out there and have some fun. Your knowledge will expand in time. Keep watching us too. We're teaching you all we learn, because we need more rockhounding buddies and we love sharing. Also, feel free to tag us or email us photos of your finds. Our e-mail is We would love to see your "cool" rocks.

Happy hunting!


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