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Recon Mission for Agates

Round Mountain

"Recon is not the right word for what we're doing here, babe!" I explained to Charlie with the confidence of a true nerd as I pushed my oversized glasses up the bridge of my nose. His own confidence lost structure right before my eyes and slowly transformed into a puzzling look upon his sweet, bearded face. Moments went by and it was as if he suddenly remembered that he was in fact the real nerd here. “No, Dear, I am right!” he dished back with conviction.

Welp, after consulting Google, turns out he was right after all. I thought a recon mission was when you failed a certain goal and to recon was to attempt victory one more time. The “re” is what got me. I’m a writer; a different kind of nerd than he. According to google it is basically when you’re scouting out a mission to be completed another time. I’m sure you guys already knew that, but I wanted to paint the picture for you that although we chase the same dreams and spend every waking moment together Charlie and I are two very different and imperfect people that happen to enjoy many of the same hobbies and curiosities. I guess you could say interest is what keeps us tied at the hip.

Interest is what led us to this “recon mission” in the first place. We happen to have this rockhounding book. Well, really it’s more like a pamphlet that we paid 10 bucks for at a local rock & gem show a few years back. I’m flipping through the wrinkled pages right now to find the name of the spot we’re headed to on this week’s adventure. Sandwiched between our grimy fingerprints and a poorly drawn map is “Finney Creek - Segelson”. It’s hardly legible, but written in small lettering on the map is “agate + crystals”. Those are two words that tend to spark some interest in us. The other peculiar part is that the location is within a mile or so of a lake we have been wanting to find a good route to with having to do the least amount of bushwhacking possible.

Seeing that there was a rockhounding location along the way we took the opportunity to see if the spot was still producing agates and crystals as the old pamphlet had claimed. While we are there we figured we’d throw the drone up and scout a possible route to the lake as well. Click the video link below so you can join the recon mission with us and help us plan the next adventure.

Whitehorse Mountain

Finney Peak

A beaver pond along the trail.


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