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Our Wonder Should be your Wonder too.

Some days we are up before the sun in anticipation of what new experiences we will encounter. Sleep can be elusive for me as it is, but knowing there's a great big, wild world waiting for us outside that sliding metal door is what keeps our eyes open. Living in the van has made travel so attainable and affordable. Gas is our major expense and if we ever learn to slow down we could do this even more frugally than we already are. The main draw is that it keeps us in the thick of what we love, exploration. Sunrises and sunsets transcend us to new lands instead of another day in the office. It sounds over romanticized as I write about this experience we're having, but I've read my words 5 times over and I assure you that is pure truth.

In this week's video you will see how we organically move from lush wild camping to surprise rockhounding spots and more. We let curiosity be our guide in lieu of set plans. Sure, we might miss things but in this way of life we will never seize to be wowed. Our keen rockhounding senses took us to the top of a mountain filled with feldspar crystals. Discovering that without knowing it was there was like what one might feel digging up lost treasure from a sunken pirate ship. Leading our vlog in this same style that we live hopefully translates well to our subscribers who we so fondly call "our Adventurers." We don't just want to show you the curiosities of the world we want you to feel curious as well. Our wonder should be your wonder and when we laugh we hope you do too.

This week's video:

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