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Our very first blog post!

Click-clickity click-click! That’s the sound of Charlie editing while I lazily lounge in my camp chair to write our very first blog post. We quit our jobs about a month back without any solid plans other than to fiercely chase our many dreams and to simply just go wherever the wind might blow us.

The Sauk River trickles by as I pause for a moment to take it all in.... We had always talked about running away from the hamster wheel, but honestly I’m as chicken as they come. Always worrying about what could go wrong and sometimes letting that overshadow what could go right. The year 2020 turned out to be quite the awakening for us. Social distancing led to new social outlets and a discovery of our core values. We finally began that YouTube channel we had kicked around the idea of for years and the ride of our lives has commenced.

It’s a weekday and I’m out in the woods watching Charlie's eyes light up as he intently scans the monitor of his laptop. The greenery sways around us as rain lightly drums onto the blue tarp stretched over our work station. Vlogging our adventures has certainly been our most meaningful labor yet. Sharing our personal thoughts, lives and passions has been like a retelling of great adventures around a campfire while surrounded by friends old and new. When the world gets heavy I hope each of you will come sit with us and listen to the stories, tell your own and find kindness in our community of adventurers.


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