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Charlie and I have been really trying to let things happen organically when it comes to adventure, so we leapt at the unexpected opportunity to stay at the newly restored North Mountain Lookout in Darrington, WA. This project has been a long-lived labor of love and filming this antique fire lookout was quite an honor.

Some might enter this box in the sky and be awestruck by the 360 degree views of the outer landscape. However, we were socked in during our entire stay. Clouds smothered the window panes and hid what we thought would be the main event. To our delight it only brought our focus to the magnificent tower and all its precious details. “Look at the lightning stool!” I shouted in excitement. “Did you see the book collection?” Charlie replied. Our elation was childlike as we discovered our new fort for the night.

Countless volunteer hours went into this rescue of history, and we talk lots about that in this week’s vlog, but I felt an afterthought once we got home from this wonderful adventure. We spent lots of time capturing the facts and the tangible pieces but forgot to mention the way it made us feel. Staying in a fire lookout tower is pure magic for those with imagination. Even as adults it is fun to sleep under a different star and to play house inside new walls. Maybe as you watch our video you will see the wonder in our eyes or the authenticity in our smiles. Staying here was food for our adventurous souls. We had never slept in a tower before and now we have fond memories to tell of the time we did.


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