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Little America

When we worked our 9 to 5 jobs back home we would have a set amount of days to squeeze our adventures into. When you plan a vacation you just don't have time to fit in the little things. I mean, who books a flight to Colville, Washington to see a gnome castle built from pebbles? Now that the road is home and work fits around our own schedule we have time to stop and experience the little things.

We might not be pulling the income to afford the more grand experiences the road has to offer, but sometimes barely scraping by is the realest way to live this life. It's a primal feeling to be surviving out here. It is where true adventure lies and you realize that all your life you had not lived it until now.

Sending our experiences back to you guys feels like a mission in a way. It's a tribute to the pioneers of the road that can't get out like they used to or the ones so ailed by wanderlust like we were but are still stuck in the trap for now. Whatever it is that keeps you watching our story unfold, just know that it is a great honor that you even made it to these last words. The human experience is a strange one and we are all a few crazy decisions away from making the best of it. If that inspires you, then welcome home.

Watch the full video here:

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