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Leaches in Baker Hot Springs, Utah?

Way out in the middle of nowhere Utah is Baker Hot Springs. It is the last remains of an abandoned resort from long ago. There's no structures, but what is there is three little concrete pools sunk into the desert floor. Rustic baths fit for a king and his queen.

It's quite fascinating how these pools can be temperature controlled with ease and without electronics. It just so happens that this naturally occurring 180 degree fahrenheit hot spring also has a cold water spring running beside it. So each pool has water piped from both sources. With a cloth plug for each pipe you can regulate how much hot or cold comes in. It's fabulous!

We found this spot by accident while searching for a good camping spot on ioverlander, but someone made mention in one of the reports that leaches came into the water at night so you'd have to scoop them out each morning. Funny this didn't deter us as we desperately could use a relaxing soak, but after talking to some locals we found out that was not true at all. We made a joking mention of the leaches in this week's video that you can see linked below.


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