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Finding Routine in Van Life

When you're combing a beach for cool rocks and creatures you often times realize that without knowing you've walked miles from your car and the day is gone. Beginning van life has been quite similar. We had to know what was around the next bend and when the world is yours to explore it's tough to shift the car into park. We've been doing nothing but constantly moving and it was time to recharge a little.

We found the perfect spot to finally stay put a few days. I hung my hammock, setup office and we got some chores done. The van is a bit overwhelming with all the stuff we brought. Shifting it from drive mode to sleep mode looks like a bad episode of Hoarders, but hopefully after the next few days we will have more order to our van life. Neither of us are perfectionists or even highly organized for that matter, but I do like simplicity and not having more than you need. Fine tuning our home on wheels will be priority and certainly a process. This way of life is new to us and even the mundane days are filled with adventure.

See full video here:

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