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Day 1 of Van Life

Life all of a sudden became quite primitive for us. For the sake of conserving electricity I’m scribbling this blog post out on a yellow legal pad so I can transcribe it later when we have full juice on the batteries. We live out of our van now. Well… for the time being we do. Right this very moment I’m snuggled up to Charlie as we unwind for the night. He sits half up supporting his weight with his elbow as he turns to me with a smirk. “You always write so aggressively when doing it by hand” he observed. I laugh. “Well, that’s because I have to keep up with my thoughts before they leave me or they simply start crashing into each other like a train wreck”. He nodded with a grin and shifted back into cozy relax mode. He drove the whole day and definitely deserved the chance to "zap some aliens" as I call it when he plays video games. A satisfied sigh involuntarily released from my lungs as I nestled into my new sense of home.

Today marks our first day of our van life experiment and it definitely feels a little surreal. We have been dreaming of this moment since we first met and honestly I don’t know what took us so long. I guess a lot of life had to happen first so that we could appreciate this time a little more and be a bit more prepared to sustain a living on the road. This first leg of the journey has been full of learning moments already and through my scribbles on notepads and Charlie’s genius in video editing we hope you will learn, laugh and cry along with us as we bump around this great big world. We will be forced to be frugal, will most definitely be uncomfortable and will likely be having the time of our lives. Buckle up, my friends, we’re going for a ride…

Watch our first day vlog here:

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