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Are you confused or is this love?

Liz here. I sit down to write these blogs every week without a plan. Usually something just pops into my head that excites me and I think you guys might find interesting. This creates a hodgepodge of subjects which could really confuse an audience.

Now someone with logic would tell me to pick a subject or writing style and stick with it. You gotta get those views, ya know. Well, that advice has fallen to deaf ears with me because I am simply at play here. Same goes for our YouTube channel. One day we are digging for rocks, next we're exploring an abandoned nuclear base and come Sunday we're cooking tacos on top of a mountain.

This takes a special kind of audience. The kind that is thrilled by spontaneity and without hesitation takes our offer to virtually hop in the van and go on any and all adventures ahead. No matter what is in store. Your love language is receiving gifts and each blog post or new video released is a surprise gift to you. We are giddy in anticipation to how you will receive our gift at every release. This is the honest truth! We live to surprise you, make you smile and take you places you never knew existed.

In turn, our love language is words of affirmation. Every comment we receive from you guys is a treasure. There might not be a million of you watching and reading, but the quality of our people is the most meaningful part of this whole operation. So long story short, thank you for being here. You make this all possible.

That's it. This blog post was just all about the love. Now enjoy the latest video where we navigate our way through Death Valley and capture some of its history. I'll stop being mushy now.

Watch this week's video here:

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Thank you so much for that! You are such a big support and we appreciate it so much!


DeAnn Brooks
DeAnn Brooks
Mar 03, 2022

This is exactly why I love you guys and love the stories you tell and the way you go about your adventures without a care... Living my dream life and getting to see it through your eyes is beautiful. Thank you for every thought and word you pour into your creative play.

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