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Agate and Petrified Wood of the Yellowstone River #minivan #nomads

We have spent plenty down time watching other rockhounds on YouTube and especially Montana rockhounds. The Yellowstone produces so much content for these creators as it seems every outing they are pulling up ginormous agates and epic petrified wood pieces. Finally, our time has arrived. I can't express to you the feeling of catching the first glimpse of the Yellowstone River as it was fully adorned in golden Fall foliage. Our hearts jumped a beat and we nearly swerved off the road. What a remarkable river full of sparkling gems!

I declared over morning coffee that "I would be turning over every stone on that river bank" and I think I surely did. Charlie and I spent nearly an entire day combing and sifting to find all the precious material we could. I was especially in love with the petrified wood as you could see all the detail in the wood grain as though it were freshly varnished pieces of fine furniture. We think we captured the magic quite well in today's vlog along with some excellent drone footage created just for our viewers as so many express their love for Charlie's flight and montage style. Life for us is so sweetly balanced now as we live and create in unison. Feels like what we're doing is something good, and that is quite satisfying.

Watch the video here:

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