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ADVENTURE IN BOOKS: Wonder by RJ Palacio

After reading the last book reviewed, The Reading List, it inspired me to connect with my daughter Makayla. I am her step-mom, but I have been since she was a toddler and now she's 20. We've grown up together in a lot of ways and our connection is just different than what I see other step parents having with their bonus children. Or so I feel. She's mine in the sense that our roots grew together. She's mine not that I am replacing something or someone she already has, but rather that in the end and the dust all settled we still choose each other. Blood ties you through genetics and the love of a faithful gardener can carefully graft pears to apple trees despite even the harshest winds..

Anywho, I could profess my never ending love and support of this child, but you ravenous readers are wanting to hear about this book. Makayla suggested we read it since she already had it and had meant to read it when she was younger. It's a kids book, but I'd beg to differ. This book is for anyone and everyone. It's a chapter book that tells a story about a child with a disfigurement that enters a real school, with other kids, for the first time. It's middle school at that!

The kid's name is August and his story is relatable on so many levels as he faces being bullied by his peers, varying family dynamics between siblings and parents in a household where someone might require more needs than the other, and friendship... that is the best part of the whole book! Auggie and his classmates learn the most valuable lessons on how to be a good friend and the importance of being inclusive. Read this with your kids, for your kids, for your inner child and give a copy to your best friend. I give this book 4 stars. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Kudos to the author!

Watch our latest adventure here:

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