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ADVENTURE IN BOOKS: Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

Just to be clear. Not every blog post will be a book review, but I'm really into this right now so I hope you're enjoying it too. We would love to know what you think and if you've read any good books lately too? Eventually we'll have a nice library of book reviews for you guys to browse through when you're looking for your next good book adventure.


Ok, ok.... I told myself I wouldn't be handing out 5 star book reviews, but this one really deserves it. ⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐! The style in which this one was written it felt like each chapter was a new story in itself. That's probably because it was. I mean it's one great big story, but delivered in these really rich morsels. Each chapter a new window to peer through. Savor this one, but be warned there is violence, sexuality and rape. Though it is a beautiful read it can be heavy on the heart too.

You end up meeting several generations of this one family from the 18th century on to current day. The story bounces from an Asante village on the Gold Coast of Africa, parts of England and over to America's East coast and deep south. It starts with two half sisters that never met and the author brilliantly teaches you through the experience of these characters the history, culture and social issues of each generation in correlation to what side of the world they were. Like a carefully choreographed dance between different times and continents. Or maybe better explained as a connecting of dots.

I closed this book with a better understanding of the slave trade from its roots and how it has echoed trauma over generations along with continued flaws in our systems. At times the stories were heavy to read, but it painted so much compassion on my already much too soft heart. It also inspired me to want to understand my own roots more. We all have a story with many generations that led you to who you are and what part of the earth you stand on. We live in a world where all our roots have been pulled or twisted in some way or another. Where does your story begin?

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