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ADVENTURE IN BOOKS: A Walk Across America by Peter Jenkins

A Walk Across America is a true story, set in the early 1970s, told from the heart of Peter Jenkins. Peter silenced the daily hustle of the American Dream and left everything and everyone behind to see how other people lived in other places outside of the bubble he grew up in. If there was good out there he was gonna find it. His only companion was his giant, lovable canine named Cooper and his only belongings rode on his back in a heavy metal framed pack. National Geographic sponsored him a camera setup, but monetarily he was on his own. The author was prepared to make some distance but would have to later figure it out on his own through many ups and downs. The best parts were the people he met and the struggles he overcame.

Traveling the country in our van feels so similar, just a lot less exposed to the elements. Also, my loveable travel companion is not a dog but just as unruly and adorable. Charlie is my best friend just as Cooper was to Peter Jenkins. If you love dogs your heartstrings will be pawed throughout this heartwarming novel. What else will paw your heartstrings is that we actually met a real life "Peter Jenkins" while out on the road. The only thing is this guy was Austin Brau. He is currently running across America and we got to feature him in our vlog this week. Watch both videos posted below. Yes, I did gift Austin my copy of this wonderful book as he was too much like the main character. Reading this and meeting Austin solidified in me that Charlie and I are on the path we were meant to be on. I hope you read this book and find it just as inspiring and page turning as I did. I'm giving it a 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ guys. I really feel it's deserved.

A few of the photos taken by Peter Jenkins, the author....

Watch the video we made starring the modern day man who is running across America:

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