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"The Coolest Kid"

The coolest kid

The coolest kid is the one who once wished they could be the coolest kid in the land. Those are the ones that never seem to grow up. The ones that are more themselves on the outskirts. These are the nerds, the loners and inventors of imaginary things.

We always wanted friends like the ones we saw in the movies. You've seen The Goonies, Stand by Me, The Explorers and pretty much every 80's movie. It's time we open the floodgates for the weirdos in the world. Us 80's and 90's kids are "grown-up" now. We've spent our whole lives hiding our quirks, odd hobbies and strange sense of style. It's finally time to show the world exactly how cool we really are!

Drop your insecurities at the door and join us at our roots with our secret club of Adventurers. Over at Patreon, it feels like a clubhouse, where our members share in the behind the scenes planning and shenanigans. It's where best friends meet to devise super cool plans and adventures, support eachother on the dark days and to just be part of something good in the world. You don't have to be "cool" to join because if that is your concern then you are already the coolest kid in the land.

If you don't know what Patreon is it is an app you can download on your phone or computer and it allows you the chance to join the club. With a monthly pledge you will help fuel the adventures plus have access to all that was mentioned above. We designed it so that no matter what your pledge is ($5 or $100) you will have equal access as a member. $5 gets us a longer way than most due to how frugal we are so it feels HUGE. Building this crew is what is most important to us. We figured that if we built it our friends would come!

Here is a link to join:

(If you have trouble, let us know! The biggest tip is downloading the app first)

Watch our latest video here:

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