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Deep Thoughts and Free Camping

Noxon Reservoir, Montana

Be slow to read this next line...

The cost of living is so much more than the cost of LIVING.

When we hit the road to attempt living out of our minivan it was a sacrifice. Leaving our good paying jobs to be poor was something many people couldn't understand. However, we saw it as a chance to be rich in the cheapest way. I hope you are following what I am trying to say here, because it feels like we've been handed the door key to the most luxurious resort on earth. With a little gas and some food in our bellies we can go anywhere and see everything. Though the sheets are not egyptian cotton, the view changes every day. Where there are no maids to refresh the day, there is a crystal stream to wash our thrifted linens. It's not a modern way of life, but maybe an older, slower way. You must be frugal.

It is our goal to avoid paying for camping as long as we can on our travels so that we can show others what is free to them as well. Our journey belongs to everyone because we believe we found the door to happiness. We hope you enjoy this week's Vlog and maybe even share with us your own questions or dreams. Let's do this together.

Watch here:

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