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5 ways to find free and cheap books while traveling

Books can be expensive but they are a great and healthy way to spend your down time while out on the road. Here are a few ways we make sure there's always something good to read that doesn't cost a dime or maybe just a few while we do this vanlife thing.

1. Download the Libby app

This app connects you with your local library so you can checkout audio and ebooks at no cost. We recently checked out Travels with Charlie as an audiobook so we could follow along together and kill time while traveling to our next destination. Re-reading this classic as a now nomad added new flavor to this already inspiring novel. Plus, this time I was actually traveling with Charlie.

2. Free little libraries

Just about every town in America has one or more of these. They are cute little boxes posted on sidewalks and outside of businesses that are completely on the honor system. The rules are easy. Take a book and leave a book. Close the door when you're done. No membership required! We've found some great gems this way, like an old 1990s version of the Guinness Book of World records. Remember the man with the longest nails or the lady with the tiniest waist? This was hours of entertainment.

3. Amazon

Amazon has loads of books and ebooks under $10. I prefer the feel of a real book, but you can pay much less for an ebook that also takes far less precious cargo space up. We recently purchased The Vault of Atlantis by Brad Blanc who is a very talented first time author. This was an action packed adventure novel that really kept the pages turning. We didn't feel bad spending the money because it helped support a fellow creative and that's money well spent.

The Vault of Atlantis: The first action-packed novel in the Atlantis Series

4. YouTube

You might not be able to find every audiobook you're after on youtube, but you will find some treasures. I've found some treasures like Circe by Madeline Miller which was beautifully narrated. Also, many classics can be found such as Henry David Thoreau's novel Walden. You know, the book that makes you want to give up on society and build a cabin in the woods. 😆

5. Thrift Stores

If you weren't convinced yet on building a cabin in the woods you might be after reading One Man's Wilderness by Sam Keith and Richard Proenneke that I picked up for 99 cents at a Goodwill. We're always finding deals there with wide selections to choose from. They even come with that old book smell from grandma's attic.

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1 Comment

Feb 24, 2022

Truly enjoying the range of interests/topics you two are coming up. Never a dull moment for certain! I especially like how you throw in surprises that differ from the direction I anticipate, just like Alfred Hitchcock. High compliment by the way!

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