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5 impactful ways you can support us! (Most are free!)

It was our last day in Montana and honestly it feels so long ago that we were finding gemmy agates underneath the great Big Sky. We wanted to make sure you, our adventurers, knew that where we are in video is not even close to where we are now. Mini-vanlife has brought us to new adventure almost daily. With a posting schedule of twice a week now we still feel like you guys are WAY behind on the up and up of the Adventure Closet. Unless, of course, you are one of our Patreons. Then you have the perk of knowing exactly where we are in real time.

At this point in our vlogging journey we are not making enough cashola to keep our wheels on the ground. We're still shy of our 1000 subscribers to even be tossed any sort of bone from our main platform, YouTube. This is why Patreon is so crucial in keeping us barreling toward our dreams. Bringing quality content to those who cannot experience the beauty of the outside world first-hand is a powerful motivator of ours. Many of our viewers are disabled or so caught up in the rat race so deep that this is an escape they can count on. It pleases us so much to deliver this sort of immersive experience to people just like us. The ones with wanderlust in their hearts that can see beauty everywhere they go.

If you're curious how you can support us, here is the top 5 ways you can do so:

  1. Please subscribe!!! - If you watch our videos and it's ever made you smile then go ahead and hit that subscribe button on YouTube. Make sure you hit the bell icon too so you will be notified every time we upload. Be sure to visit our other platforms as well so you can follow us there. This keeps us steadily growing and more people who could benefit from our vlog can be reached. Here are some links: YouTube - Instagram- Facebook- TikTok-

  2. We love it when you interact with us. - If you can, please watch our videos from beginning to end. Leave a comment, ask us questions, "like" or "heart" our postings, hit the share button and tell your friends about us. All those interactions with us give us huge smiles and incredible motivation. Also, it helps our social media platforms realize that people really do like our content and that others might like it too. It's a bit of a game, but at least it is a fun one as it helps build our beloved community of adventurers.

  3. Consider becoming a Patreon. - Being a patron of the arts is one of the biggest compliments you can give a creator. Not everyone can do this, so please do not feel obligated or pressured to do this. Money is not our driving factor in this project but it is necessary to keep us moving forward. As you will see in this blog post that there are several free and impactful ways to support our efforts. We are incredibly frugal so your dollars do go a long way if you want to contribute to us monetarily. Consider a $5/mo subscription to our Patreon where you also get bonus content and are in the know on our current location. Or maybe a one time donation is more your style then check us out on Venmo or PayPal. Be sure to download the app you choose. Let us know if you have any trouble. Here are some links: Patreon- PayPal- Venmo- Cash App -$TheAdventureCloset

  4. Would you snail mail us? - There is nothing more uplifting than some fan mail, art, little gifts or rocks. If your kiddo loves watching us and wants to draw us a cool picture then please send it our way. We might even want to share it on an episode. There is no gift too small, so a kind word is very generous as well. Just remember that we don't get to the mail very often being on the road, so it might take us a bit to get it. Mail us at PO Box 937 Darrington, WA 98241

  5. We could use your advice. - Although we have plenty of pretty nifty skills, we lack business skills. Mainly that is because we want to stay as authentic as possible. Real people want to see other honest, real people. Plus, we want to like what we do. If you see a way we can maintain our mission yet do something better then please let us know. Here are ways you can contact us. E-mail us at, comment or message us on one of our social media platforms linked above. We appreciate it and don't mind constructive criticism.

Lastly, it is tough asking for support. Especially when we've already received such an outpouring of it here in our infancy. Not sure how we got so lucky to have the kind humans that are sitting here reading this in this very moment, but here we all are. We want to thank you so very much from the very bottomous (yes, that's a word!) of our hearts. Stay well, friends, and keep being your authentic selves.


Liz and Charlie

"Bye Now!"

Watch this week's video here:

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