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Our Story

Hi there! We're Liz and Charlie, adventurers and creators of The Adventure Closet vlog. Our rockhounding and adventure travel videos feature our minivan life and vanlife experiences as we explore the world around us. We're passionate about discovering the beauty of nature and practice minimalism to live sustainably on the road. Charlie's photography and Liz's writing capture the essence of our journeys, while also sharing tips and advice for others interested in our nomadic lifestyle. Join us on our adventures and discover the wonders of rockhounding, vanlife, and more!

We were married in 2006 and have been hand-in-hand ever since. Our lives together has been a meaningful Adventure towards discovering our true values and talents.  We both live for nature, practice minimalism and are easily overcome by Wanderlust. It is our sincerest mission to experience as much of this wondrous world as possible and to leave it better than we found it. For our children and for those that have yet to experience the pure awe of the outdoors. We believe that experience is the greatest gift of all.

"Image of Liz and Charlie, two adventurers living the minivan life and sharing their love for rockhounding, hiking, backpacking, and more through their vlog 'The Adventure Closet'."
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